About Us

Simex Italia was founded by Mr. Arnaldo Malfatto in 1997.
At present, company quotas are in the hands of members Flora Fea and Fausto Rocchi, respectively Import Manager and Sales Manager
In 2016, the company underwent a new operational connotation, from business dealers to trade agents.

Our activities

The primary activity of Simex Italia is to find the best suppliers in the China and India area.
The reference sector is mainly mechanical. For some customers we also operate in the electrical and food sectors.
Presentation of potential suppliers involves the continuous exchange of triangular information between Simex Italia, Italian suppliers and customers, such as product requests and technical details, quotes, production times, certifications, samples, shipments, etc.
Our fees are recognized by vendors in variable percentages depending on the type of product and volume of merchandise ordered, all regulated by international agency contracts.
20 years of activity has allowed us to establish important relationships with Chinese / Indian suppliers, with whom we develop our business as a serious and professional agent.
Simex Italia is also available for new product research, to organize business trips at production sites, at major exhibitions in Shanghai, Canton, Beijing, New Dheli.